A man has to know his limitations!

I received an email from a POS vendor after being informed his system was not selected by my client. There was one line in the email that bears repeating, “We were probably not the best solution for your client based on the features they required and the gaps in our system”. Needless to say this is an unusual response since most vendors feel the selection process was unfair or the client made a bad decision.  When I entered the Point of Sale software business thirty years ago systems were very limited and retailers expectations minimal. Today the requirements and needs of retailers from system are very complex and complicated. The confusion is exacerbated by new terms being introduced and the misunderstanding of these terms: SaaS, Hosted, MSP, PCI, EMV, Data analytics, Omni Channel and CRM to name a few. The confusion and complexity is an opportunity for vendors who truly understand the consultative sales process.   A vendor told me when confronted with a prospect who seemed a bit confused by the complexities of the POS systems he encouraged his sales team to employ the “FUD” factor and sow the seeds  of “Fear, uncertainty and doubt” to confuse potential clients from understanding exactly what they were buying.

I truly applaud any vendor who recognizes when his system is not a good fit for everyone and employs the Dirty Harry line form Magnum Force, “A man has to know his limitations”. Without a doubt I will involve that vendor in future projects with great confirdence.