A place where everybody knows your name!

That line is part of the theme song of one the greatest sitcoms of all time, Cheers. After college a group of us hung out in a local pub that was at the time was our version of Cheers. When you walked everyone knew your name. To this day when we get together we reminisce about our experiences at our pub. I was reminded of this recently when giving a back to work class for people who hoped to get jobs in retail. This question came up in my last class, what is the most important thing a customer can hear when they enter a retail store or coffee shop? Without hesitation my response was their name. We’ve become so sophisticated in tracking customer data and trying to increase customer retention that we forget the basics. Panera Bread and Macy’s are two examples of businesses that get it. Once they scan you customer card they welcome by name and proceed with your sales or order. The KISS principle, (Keep it Simple) it sometimes the best approach. Your current customers are your best customers; let them know how much you appreciate them by greeting them by their name.