Christmas 2022 are you ready?

Running a retail business during Covid proved to be extremely challenging even for those retailers with sophisticated technology. BOPIS with all its variables pressed retailers to come up solutions on the fly. The question is what challenges will retailers face this Christmas. Here’s a list of issues all retailers will face this season and some suggestions that help you deal with them.

  1. Buy on-line pick up in-store will still be a preference for some customers
  2. Anticipate some supply chain issues
  3. Try to pre-sell high demand items to preferred customers
  4. Inflation will impact consumer spending
  5. Consider “Buy now, pay later as payment option for big ticket items
  6. Eliminate all customer friction points when possible- digital payments – mobile POS
  7. Offer exclusive bundles to high volume customers
  8. Be aggressive with digital marketing with specific suggestions based on customer history
  9. Gift cards will again be a high demand item. Promote them aggressively both in-store and on-line
  10. Markdown slow moving items quickly during the season at a lesser discount than post season
  11. Promote post Christmas bundles for those redeeming gift cards
  12. Access what’s working and not working and adjust quickly

Shopping cart with red Santa Claus hat over red background for Christmas. Online shopping on holidays concept.

Remember your advantage as an independent retailer is your ability to be nimble