Consistency is the key to success in retail!

A successful retail operation is about consistency. Customers become comfortable with certain stores based on a number of factors: Ease of shopping, knowledgeable staff, product assortment, appreciation shown for their business and of course pricing is always a consideration. I purposely put pricing last because it is a factor, but it is not the primary reason people shop at an independent retailer.

Businesses sustain and grow for a number of reasons:

  • They have a proprietary or unique product no one else has-  a Pharmaceutical company
  • A strong relationship with their customers that allows them to connect very deeply with them
  • A business model that sets high standards and can be repeated every day to ensure consistency

The two points that apply to a retailer are about building stronger relationships and repeating high standards. So how do maximize the potential sustainability and growth of your business. Here are few ideas:

  • Have clearly defined rules of behavior and how you want customers treated
  • Allow your employees to challenge assumptions
  • Indentify the sources of conflict and deal with them quickly
  • Rely on facts and data – the bedrock of any good POS system
  • Focus on the exceptions that matter, some are just not important.
  • Empower your employees to resolve customer issues immediately