Disruptive technologies in retail

The term disruptive technology is being bandied about a lot recently. Like most people I haven’t given the term much thought until recently. In working with clients POS projects have grown in scope to include and myriad of associated technologies including but not limited to digital signage, integration to social media, loss prevention and enhanced customer analytics. I think the term disruptive technology is being used negatively to describe a technology or program that causes some amount of chaos in a business. To me it means just the opposite, a technology that challenges the norm for the benefit of the business. The disruptive part comes in when businesses are resistant to change and want to stay the course and continue with the same old stuff. Most retail businesses have three generations working in their stores. These three generations can provide an interesting cross generational partnership. Actively engage the younger people in your business so they can provide insights on how their age group wants to be communicated with. Use this information to initiate a “Disruptive Technology” in your business. Create some chaos shake up the norm.