Do you really want to know what your customers are thinking?

As with any retailer one of your major concerns is customer service. You coach your employees and do your best to resolve problems. Even for the most diligent retailer maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction is an elusive goal. Many times a customer’s opinion of a store is based on their last experience. In reality your margin of error with customers is thin since social media has empowered customers, but it also provides a tool for retailers. Social media can be used by retailers to find out exactly what customers think of them. The postings on Social Media sites aren’t always correct but no more so than word of mouth. In actuality Social Media sites provide a great vehicle for retailers to get feedback both positive and negative. The harsh truth many retailers simply don’t want to know what customers think. The reality is if you decided to engage in the whole social media process you have to respond. Social Media engagement is not a passive activity, it requires that you respond to postings and learn from customers comments. You now have the capability to join the conversation and actively protect your image but only if you’re willing to listen to criticism. The question you have to ask yourself, “Do you really want to know what your customers are thinking?