Gifts Cards are still relevant!

Retailers in this new digital marketing age are looking for new ways to connect and keep customers. Sometimes it’s not the newest widget that’s needed but something that’s tried and true. Gift cards fall into that category. The NRF predicts gift card spending will reach $27.6 billion dollars this year. The holiday will represent a large per-cent of the amount. So here’s why retailers need to emphasize the promotion and sale of gift cards.

  1. Reduces post holiday returns
  2. Give the purchaser assurance they didn’t buy the wrong gift
  3. In many instances the recipient is a potential new customer
  4. Gift cards are usually over redeemed by 40%
  5. Extends the holiday season for retailers with post holiday sales
  6. Eight to ten per-cent of the value of gift cards are never redeemed.
  7. Are a perfect add on gift

Thing you can do the promote the sale of gift cards

  1. Display them prominently on gift tree or at the point of sale
  2. Offer a free $10 gift card for purchase over $100
  3. Offer a $10 gift card for on-line purchases to be redeemed in the store
  4. Offer and incentive to clerks who sell the most gift cards
  5. Check the “Escheats” laws in your state that govern the selling, redemption,
  6. and the rules for fees and expiration of gift cards.