Go where the readers are!

After eighty some odd years Newsweek announced recently that it will longer publish a print version of the magazine. Starting in January 2013 it will only be available as a digital publication. Tina Brown the editor in chief explained “we can’t hold onto the legacy of the past, the new model is digital distribution”. This same dilemma is facing many retailer who continue communicate with their customers solely through newspaper ads, flyer programs and TV. These are still valid options for some of your ad budget to reach your older more traditional customers. In order to ensure your future growth it’s essential that you embrace digital media as the primary vehicle to attract and maintain younger, affluent customers. These are the customers that will allow you to continue to grow and thrive.  The sooner you recognize this reality the better. Go where the customers are. If you chose to bury you head in the sand then toss your cell phone away and use a “phone booth” to make remote calls. Good luck finding one!

 Let me repeat, go where the customers are.