Hospitals and retail where do they intersect?

I’ve recently had the occasion of spending a lot time in the hospital visiting friends. Both are in the intensive care units of their respective hospital units receiving critical care. While visiting there is a lot of time spent sitting around talking with friends and family but also observing. You can’t help but notice the level of attention given to the patients. Nurses, physicians and aides are in and out of the room constantly. As busy as they are they always have a few minutes to interact with the visitors to answer questions, provide information or comfort. Their concern goes well beyond some superficial obligation, they are genuinely sincere. I guess you don’t go into health care unless you have a deep commitment to helping people. I’m not naïve, nor do I believe that all heath care professionals provide this level of service but my observation is based on over twenty visits in the last forty days. My clients who have not only weathered the economic downturn but actually grown have one common trait they all have employees who are loyal to the store and the brand it communicates. Where’s the interest between retail and hospitals? Without loyal employees you will never have loyal customers. Successful retailers have a passion for delivering service.