I love my device!!!!

Apple in a much anticipated announcement yesterday introduced their new iPhone. It has a bunch of new features and upgrades from the iphone 4S. It’s 18% thinner, offers faster wireless 4GLTE vs. 3G, larger screen and higher resolution. In October when the phone is available in the Apple stores people will camp out all night to the first to have the new phone. Now I’m in the technology business and applaud new and innovative technology upgrades but the line has gotten blurred between need to have technology and have to have technology. The 4GLE faster wireless is essential for people who have to download a lot of files. The higher resolution and other new features are nice upgrades but are they essential? I guarantee you that a majority of the people queuing up all night to be among the first to posses this new phone don’t actually need all the new enhancements. Apple in their marketing genius has created a consumer mindset that owning the latest and greatest is more important than needing it. The carriers who support the iPhone love the 4GLE wireless because its’ going to blow up most people’s data plans. I’ll upgrade to new 4G phone when I need the added bandwidth and speed. Am I old or just practical?

In closing remember, “Festina Lente” make haste slowly. 

  I almost forgot if you’re not sure where you buy the phone on the launch day, try Siri.