If a wood chuck could chuck wood!!!!

If a wood chuck could chuck wood how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if………. I had an economics professor in college who would use this and some other alterative phrases as a lead in to a problems we had to solve.. The intent was clearly to confuse us from understanding the real question. Last week I received an email from a credit card processor offering a free POS system if a retailer signed up to use them as their processor. I was curious and called them to get the details because occasionally I get calls from small retailers looking for advice on affordable systems for their store. My intent was to schedule an online demo to see if the system was worth recommending and also get the skinny on “free”. It took multiple attempts for me to get to the details of the actual cost which is $65 per month plus $75 per quarter for support and upgrades for a single POS terminal system. After three years the store owns the hardware but must continue to pay the $65 per month and $75 per quarter for as long as they use the system. Obviously my reaction was, how can you call this free when they can actually buy a comparable system for less money. His response was that this offer was targeted for small retailers who can’t qualify for credit or a lease so this is their best option or in his mind essentially free. If a wood chuck could chuck wood how much would a “free” POS cost” if the cost is $65 per month plus……. I’m confused, you decide. Obfuscation is alive and well!!!