Its advice, take it or leave it!

When should a consultant back off and let the client have their way even if you know it’s not the best option. It took me a while in my consulting career to realize that a one size fits all approach is not always the best option. The process may be similar one project to the next but the execution has to be tailored to each client. Everyone has the same top level goal, to maximize the use of their investment in technology. The challenge is that each business approaches change differently. Some retailers are open and eager to adapt to new and better ways while others are hard coded into their legacy processes and need to be coached through the process. The trick is to figure out which category the client fits into since they all claim they are open to change. When I look a back and evaluate the success of projects the common thread of the most successful one’s was how I tailored the implementation process to match their ability to adapt and change. The fact is change takes time and my new mantra is “the implementation of a new system is a marathon not a sprint”. Success will judged by the long term and sustainable adherence to the new and better ways of doing business. Its advice, take it or leave it.