National Small Business Week

The government has declared this week Small Business as a recognition of the impact small businesses have on our economy. There is no better example of small business than the independent retailer. As a collective group they are a driver of economic activity and employment and more importantly they exemplify commitment to the community. This past week I was at our local Little League complex for my grandsons tee-ball game. There were banners hung throughout the complex acknowledging the sponsors. I counted fifty banners and all but two were local small business.

I’ve had the opportunity over the last thirty years to work with hundreds of retailers throughout the US, and except for a handful  the experience has been throughly positive. The term ” Chief cook and bottle washer” is an apt job description for most retailers. On any given day they make decisions dealing with human resource issues, advertising, marketing, display and store design, customer relations, finance and purchasing ,and I know I’ve missed a few. The last few years have forced many retailers to add a new skill, that of survivalist. When you add it all up these are a group of talented a hardy people. My congratulations and respect to all of you.