Retail has become a race to the bottom!

We’ve survived Black Friday and now have gotten past Cyber Monday. It was easy for me I ignored them. The whole concept of these retail gimmicks is simply a game of chicken between the big box retailers and the consumer. In a classic game of chicken who ever blinks first looses, and in this case the retailers have blinked. No doubt there were some deals to be had on Black Friday but the consumer has become conditioned to the fact there will be more deals coming. Before the season started the financial networks were predicting that the “Big Box” retailers were going to focus on their margins this year and be less aggressive is discounting. I don’t believe that for one second.They began educating the consumer on the new their new retail model over a decade ago. The model was and is “we want to make our numbers and beat last year, margin be dammed.” They lured the cat with the catnip and now they can’t take it back. It has truly become a race to the bottom and with Black Friday sales reported as down from last year, it’s game on for the consumer. How low can you go!