Retail is the law of the jungle!

Every day the gazelle wakes up and realizes he must run faster than the fastest lion to survive.  When the lion wakes up he know to survive he must faster than the slowest gazelle. This is the same dilemma the independent faces every day to survive and grow. Customers expect more from you while they are more willing to accept mediocre service from a big box store. The question becomes do you view this as an advantage or disadvantage. Your perspective on this question dictates how you handle the challenge of providing better customer service. If your view is that you understand and accept the challenge you’ve struck the right cord. The big guys have more resources but they can’t move quickly. Your distinct advantage is your speed and agility, like the gazelle.  Whenever I hear one on my clients utter a phrase such as “I’d love retail if I didn’t have to deal with customers”, they should get out of the business.  Unless you have a captive audience like having a license to sell marijuana in Colorado proving the best customer service possible is mission. Embrace it or perish.