Our Retail Technology Management Consulting Services

Evaluation of Point of Sale Systems

The Point of Sale Systems evaluation is an attempt to find the system that best matches a store’s current retail consulting needs and predict growth within its target budget. A thorough assessment must be conducted before any qualitative conclusions can be reached concerning current methodologies.

Assessment of Internal Procedures

The second step in our patented retail consulting process sees the creation of System Needs documents. This crucial step in the retail consulting phase is needed to understand all the internal processes and reports necessary to run a retail operation. From there, we make recommendations on how to make these internal processes more efficient.

Needs Analysis of POS System

This document details all features that are required in a new system. The needs are broken down by function such a Point of Sale, purchasing, receiving and labeling, reporting and accounting. It also gives the specifics for the vendor to provide a preliminary quotation. The vendor’s responses are graded and this determines which vendors will be invited to present a live demo of their system to the retail store’s management team.

Demo Script

A demo outline is provided to the vendors invited to present their system and it ensures that each system demo covers that same requirements. It is also used to score each vendors presentation.

System Utilization Strategies

A new system is a significant investment for a store so we take it upon ourselves to implement system utilization strategies your staff can follow in order to maximize day-to-day efficiency of your new product. In addition, we provide the latest in industry advice through regular updates to our resources page and blog.