Set it and forget it!

Ron Popeil made the phrase “Set it and forget it” famous on the infomercials selling his Ronco Rotisseries. The phrase made sense for that product but unfortunately it’s become the way many people manage their POS system. When they initially install the system they go the all options and check off the features they want to enable. Many of my clients call after the first of the year and want to discuss if there system can meet their needs going forward. Their businesses have grown and they need to adapt their system to grow with it. They typically have a list of features they feel are important going forward and believe their system can’t accommodate those features. The first thing I do is have them go through the system configuration options to see if in fact their system can meet those needs. More often than not there are options in the system that can meet these objectives, or at least get close. I realize this sounds simplistic but it makes sense to review your system configuration options every year rather than “Set it and forget it”. Try it you might be pleasantly surprised.