Social Media Who Cares

Almost every conversation I have with a client now includes some mention of Social Media. Some are fullyengaged, some dabbling in it, while others want to know why they should and how they should. The answer is easy, where are customers doing product research and communicating their likes and dislikes with their friends. Customer referral is still the number influencer for new customers. I recently had a conversation with a client about Social Media and his take was,” I don’t want to give customers a forum to air their complaints about my business. My reaction was WOW, so you think if you ignore the complaints they simply won’t exist. Good luck.

I’m still trying to wrap my arms around how to effectively and efficiently play in the Social Media game, but to ignore it is foolhardy. I go my coffee shop every morning with my newspaper in hand, but I’m a dying breed.  I’m not the person you need to reach but those on their IPads and Smart prones are.

  So the next question is, How do I get involved in Socail Media and a return on my investment. More to come.