Sometimes it isn’t just good it’s necessary!

I just received my last print copy of Newsweek. From now it will only be available in a digital version. My subscription has spanned over forty years so by that standard I’m a loyal reader.

 Tina Brown in her Periscope column titled “A New Chapter” used the line Sometimes change isn’t just good, it’s necessary as the tag line to the column. In trying to come up with a good title for an upcoming webinar presentation to a group of retailers I’m doing in January and her line fits to a tee. A few of the topics in my presentation have to do with technologies that are now necessary for independent retailers to embrace in order to survive and grow. Until I read Tina Browns column my approach was going to be that it would be advisable or good for them to consider these technologies, now my approach has changed that it’s necessary. This is a distinction with a big difference. I will be highlighting a few of my recommendations in my blogs post beginning next week.

 I love reading the print version of books, magazines and newspapers. Let’s hope I can’t adapt to the new digital version of Newsweek, maybe this opens a whole new world for me.