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How to successfully choose and implement a retail POS system steps 5&6
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Step Five: the Utilization Plan Now that you own it, make it work for you. Getting a return on your investment is a primary goal. Purchasing is the cornerstone of system utilization. Once you have three or four months of sales history, you can use your system to generate suggested orders. The top down approach […]

Think one per-cent!!!
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The challenge when assessing the changes you want to make that will improve your bottom is setting goals you can achieve. A number of years ago we developed an approach that could result in achievable goals, think one-percent. Focus on three of four key numbers that drive profits and try to positively affect them by […]

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Showrooming is a term used to describe when consumers browse items at a brick-and- mortar store and then compare prices online. This has become another obstacle that retailers must face in a highly competitive landscape. As the consumer becomes more empowered with information they have commoditized shopping to “what is the best price”. The independent […]

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