Ten questions to ask perspective vendors before upgrading your POS system!

  1. Is your system EMV complaint?
  2. Is your inventory updated in real time?
  3. Can you see a single view of a customer’s purchase history across all channels, in-store and online?
  4. Does your system offer an integrated e-commerce platform?
  5. Does your system integrate with social media for marketing purposes?
  6. Is the data in your system easily accessible for reporting and analysis?
  7. For multi-store operations is the data from the stores replicated back to your central office in a timely fashion?
  8. What value added services do you provide to help me better utilize your system?
  9. Do you have a user conference where you solicit feedback and input from retailers?
  10. Does your system offer a Mobile POS solution that would allow us to enhance the customer experience in our store?

Bonus: This is the question you need to answer as a retailer:

Is your organization ready to adapt and change?

Resistance to change is the biggest inhibitor to successful implementation of a new system.