Ten reasons POS projects fail- reasons 1-5!

1.Not a well thought out vendor selection process:
You need to write a detailed document listing the features you must have and those you would like from the new system. This document serves as the checklist for evaluating vendors.

2.Don’t have a well defined timeline:
In order to keep the project on track you must a timeline with milestone objectives with dates for each phase of the project.

3.Haven’t committing the required resources:
A thorough evaluation process takes time for demo’s, the follow up and the implementation. While this is happening your people have their normal job responsibilities. Many POS project are doomed for failure to commit the personnel and time required.

4.Fail to have one go to person to mange the project:
There has to be one go to person who coordinates both the internal communication and the communication with the vendors. This ensures that all communication is documented and followed –up.

5.Wed to legacy processes and procedures
Change is difficult and manifests itself by people unwilling to let go of legacy processes. The typical excuse is “we’ve always done it this way”. You’re investing in a new system to streamline and improve your processes be open to change or don’t invest in a new system.