The 3P approach to solving difficult problems

I just read an interesting article about Robbie Bach’s 3P framework for change. His book Xbox Revisited explains the 3P process which is a game plan for reducing complex problems or processes to simple steps. His quote, “I believe that solving difficult problems requires a tremendous ability to simplify” is the benchmark of his process. His 3P’s are Purpose, Principles and Priorities. Every organization would be well served by employing these principles as the framework for a project or initiative

Purpose: What is our goal – develop a short statement of purpose or the goals of the project

Principles: How are you going to execute the process? Is there an alignment within you organization that everybody understands the guiding principles on how the process will work?

Priorities: Define no more than the top five goals which will be the sole focus in solving the problem or executing change within your organization.

The 3P’s will be the blue print I will use for all my consulting projects going forward. It will be part of a collaborative process to ensure projects stay on track and meet the stated goals. Most project fail because for a few reasons, the main ones being project creep and forgetting the original purpose of the project. Reaffirming the 3P’s in weekly updates meetings will serve as a management tool to stay the course and fulfill the project original intent. Managing projects takes discipline and strict adherence to a well thought out plan.

To learn more about the Robbie Bach and the 3P approach to solving problems click on the link below: