The bad news is I got hacked. The good new is…………

One of my email accounts got hacked earlier this week. I’m not sure exactly how it happened but it wasn’t all bad. This is the email that was sent to everyone in my address book.

I really hope you get this on time. I didn’t tell you about my visit to Spain with my family for a short vacation, but unfortunately we were robbed at the hotel where we lodged along with other folks. We didn’t bring our phones and the hotel telephone lines were disconnected during the incident. So I have access to only emails. Please I’m going to need some sort of loan from you for us to relocate to another hotel close to the embassy and also to get another flight ticket. Those thieves made away with our credit cards as well which is why this can’t be resolved instantly.

We have been to the Embassy and the Police here are not helping issues at all and our flight leaves tomorrow. Please let me know if you can help us out? I’m looking
forward to hearing from you.


R. J Calio Consulting, LLC
Office: 860-644-7956
Cell: 860-794-5475

Needless to say I received a bunch of emails from friends and business associates alerting me to the fact that I had been hacked. Most of them were quick to point out they weren’t about to send any money and these are good friends. If you reply to the email it provides a link where you enter your credit card information or suggests you go to you local Western Union office and wire funds. So what’s the good news? The good news is I received about a half a dozen calls from old clients some of whom I haven’t spoken to in two to three years. It was great reconnecting with them and getting updated on how they been handling the challenges of today’s business climate. All and all getting hacked wasn’t such a bad thing. I did reset all my passwords which I probably should have done a while ago.