The dilemma of the independent retailer:

Surrounded by retail giants how do you survive and grow.

The demise of the independent retailer has been forecast for years.
The reality is that 25% of consumers prefer shopping at independents for the
following reasons:
• You tend to be family businesses passed from generation to generation
• You generally offer better customer service
• Customer can to a decision maker to resolve problems quicker
• A strong independent retail presence enhances the “fabric” of a community
• You pay better attention to detail
• You support community causes

What consumers want from their shopping experience:
• Knowledgeable- helpful salespeople 41.4%
• Courteous- friendly staff 27%
• Low prices 18.3%
• Merchandise organized, easy to find, store signage 8.8%
• Fast efficient checkout 4.5%

The “Retail Giants” spent a lot money try to figure out what their customers like
when they shop and this is what they found:
• Organized displays
• Eye catching displays
• Easy return policy- bar coded gift receipts
• Special orders
• Stored value cards- Gift Cards

Every retailer is a mom and pop operation since the most important elements of the retail experience are controlled at the store level. As an independent retailer you are more agile and therefore able to stay closer to the consumer. Understand you competitive advantages and exploit them.