The impending storm for some retailer it’s white gold!

We are anticipating a blizzard type snow storm in the northeast starting today. The timing is reminiscent of the blizzard of 1978 that forced Massachusetts to close down for the better part of a week. The significance of storm was because it was the week of Valentine’s Day. The governor at the time postponed Valentine until the following week in hopes of preserving Valentine sales for the retailers. Snow storms and other weather events highlight another variable that effect retail sales both positively and negatively. The ski shops love it, the hardware stores love it, the liquor stores love it and most important the grocers love it. We run out and stock up food as if we were going to house bound for a week. Now the poor guys who might be negatively affected are the florists, gift shops, the card stores jewelry stores and any other shops that rely on Valentine sales.  Valentine is one of those tricky holidays that shopping is done the last minute, especially by men. Hopefully we’ll be all clear in a day or two so everybody wins. For now I have to hunker down for the impending Armageddon.