The value of an informed sales clerk

My cell plan is due to expire at the end of this month so I decided to pay a visit to local dealer and discuss my options. My mindset going in was the same as when I review my cable service annually, I skeptical of the process. The clerks are put in an unenviable position of trying to explain polices and pricing that are meant to confuse customers. The first thing that was explained to me was that if I didn’t come in to renew my plan it would be automatically renewed at the existing rate even though the new plans were more favorable. I’ve been a customer of this provider for about the past eight years and would have anticipated notification of the new pricing available to me prior to the renewal date.
The next issue was to discuss a phone upgrade for me and giving my phone to my wife. This is when it really got complicated with the various plan options. At that point I was informed by the clerk that I was eligible for a no cost phone upgrade or by buying it outright could receive a $300 discount on a $600 phone. Sound confusing? When I asked the clerk to run those options by me again to clarify the free phone versus the $300 discount option here’s the explanation. If I chose to renew my plan for two years they would bill the $600 cost my new phone over the twenty four months of new contract. So in essence the no cost phone upgrade meant no out of pocket cost at that point in time. Aren’t semantics great!
The lesson is simple don’t put your sales clerks in a position where they have to defend or explain store policies or pricing that are deceptive. The clerk at the cell phone store was well aware that she presenting a confusion at best pricing structure. This cell provider has devalued their sales associates and failed to recognize their value in creating customer loyalty.