We’re not always in control!

We all like to believe we have a certain amount of control over our lives. If we’ve learned one thing this week its how little control over events and subsequently our lives we actually have. Disasters always bring out the best and occasionally the worst in people. Let’s focus on the positive. Time after time on the news we saw first responder’s exhibit heroism well above the call of duty. We’ve just come to expect that in a crisis situation the firemen, police and first responders will do whatever they have to protect and save lives. The call to duty is ingrained in their DNA. I avoid making any political comments because of the current hyper political environment. Truth be told I’ve morphed to a “political centrist” with views on various issues ranging across the whole political spectrum.  The reaction to “Sandy” by first responder’s showed us again the best example how to be a true American is to fulfill the duties of your job when called upon. I’m hard pressed to find but a few in the congress and senate who meet that standard. My hope is that whatever the result of Tuesday’s election that elected officials finally get the message, “Do your dam job”. If you don’t you’re just another hack going along to protect your job.