What’s the best POS system for your store?

Occasionally I get a call from a retailer asking me if I can recommend the best POS system for their store. As you might guess there no pat answer to the questions and it requires some information to a least make an educated guess. Here’s a list of ten questions I typically ask to get enough information to provide some guidance.

• What system are you currently using?
• What features does it lack that’s compelling you want to change?
• Have you given that list to your current vendor to see if they provide solution in your current system?
• On a scale of one to ten how would you rate how effectively you’re utilizing your current system?
• What’s you established budget for a new system?
• How open is your organization to the changes to the process and procedures a new system will require?
• How do you see your business evolving over the next five years and what technology will be needed to support that growth?
• Are you considering any of the following: E-commerce, a second store, customer loyalty and marketing, social media integration and digital signage?
• Have you developed a plan on how will evaluate potential vendors?

At this point I probably have enough information to give them three vendors they should evaluate. Buying a new system is not a commodity purchase and requires a comprehensive approach to ensure you make the right decision. It is also as important to evaluating the vendor. I my opinion the implementation and training of a new system is the critical factor that justifies your investment.

I apologize if you were expecting me to name the “best POS system”. There are too many factors that go consider to simply come up with one name.