Why do you do what you do?

At a recent conference I attend the speaker posed that question to the audience. It resonated with me because in my everyday contact with retailers it’s obvious some are still passionate about what they do and others are going through the motions. We should all step back every now and then and ask ourselves the same question. Proving an income for your family is not a sustaining reason. Reflect back when you first started your business and you were passionate about making it a success and providing a superior experience for your customers. Do you still have the same feeling or have you gradually lost some of that verve and energy that helped you become successful? It may have happened over time and almost imperceptibly. You may not have noticed the change but I guarantee you your employees and customers have. There’s a fine line between merely opening the door everyday for business and being totally enthusiastic about welcoming the challenges. Being in business is either invigorating or humdrum, you choose, or your customers will.