Windows XP – another milestone passes ending all Microsoft support for the aged OS

36718118_sThis was copied from a STCR newsletter. I felt it was worth reposting due to the security implications.

Windows XP, which has been without Microsoft update support since April 2014, is on the radar again.  Microsoft originally said it would stop shipping Security Essentials’ signature updates to XP PCs after April 8, 2014 the same as when their support ended.  Microsoft postponed ending their free Security Essentials updates to this July 14.  With that date and all Microsoft support for the operating system behind us, now is the time to stop using Windows XP, especially if it exists on your Point of Sale network.

If you currently must use Windows XP then you should make plans to replace it as soon as possible, look for and install a new antivirus program that will support XP in the meantime, and disconnect the XP computer from any network or internet connections.

These measures may help prevent an intrusion but they should only be used for a temporary stop gap plan and do not help with any PCI issues connected with the aged Windows operating system.