Our Retail Technology Specialties

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence tools provide quick and effective information analysis that allows a store to make impactful decisions that drive profit. The better the BI, the faster a store can move from the information processing stage to the execution phase. Effective retail software collects and sorts data, increasing a store’s efficiency.

While BI is commonly used by the “Big Box” stores, smaller businesses can struggle to implement effective BI initiatives due to manpower and resource constraints. Independent retailers often don’t have a dedicated IT staff and have limited ability to obtain and process information from their systems. Though larger organizations can be intimidating, don’t think your business won’t benefit from BI implementation. R.J. Calio can walk a retailer through each step of the BI process, including installation, training, and IT support.

Customer Loyalty Program Software

Collecting sales data and rewarding customers when they reach certain purchase levels is customer loyalty 101. The most competitive retailers are using their retail software to tailor marketing programs to specific customers demographics. The one size fits all approach is no longer effective; sales data is key.

Offers have to be individualized based on a customer’s purchase history. Common retailer objectives include creating another store visit, up-selling to a high price point, or moving customers into departments they haven’t shopped in previously.

Store Digital Marketing – Digital Screens

Retail software is changing the game for both consumers and retailers. In store Digital Signage now has the capability of running multiple programs off one digital player. A retail store can have screens in multiple departments running product promos and product information specific to that aisle. These screens can also be scheduled to run different content during the day to tailor information and make it relevant to the changing demographics of your shoppers during the day. The screens allow you to inform, educate and influence purchasing decisions. Digital Signage influences 66% of consumers to buy a product that is on the screen.

In Store Digital Marketing – Mobile Applications

Web based mobile marketing programs are now used by a number of large retailers. Large retailers like Best Buy, Chico’s, and Macy’s are running apps that can detect when consumers are in or near their store. These retailers can send these potential shoppers on-the-spot deals and programs right to their phones. Pay attention to this as with most new technologies it will become available and affordable to the independent retail market soon. Mobile bar code applications allow customers to access additional products, product reviews, or even competitor’s pricing information while still in store.