Shiny new software, look before you leap!

The credit card compliance issue has forced many retailers to consider upgrading or replacing their POS software. If it’s been a while since they looked at new software their seeing systems that offer a wide range of new features and modules. Their seeing more robust reporting capabilities, advanced CRM and customer loyalty, Omni-channel, buy it online or at any store and have it shipped or pick it up at any store.   In addition slick new mobile POS options, advanced promotion management and integrated open to buy to name new a few of the new features. The process can be a bit overwhelming unless you develop a realistic plan. Here are five key things to consider when thinking about a new system with all these advanced features.

  1. Which of these new features is relevant to your business?
  2. Which of these new features can you realistically implement?
  3. Do you have the internal resources to manage the execution and implementation of these new features?
  4. Develop a priority list focusing on the features that will provide the best return on investment for you r business.
  5. Develop a detailed timeline assigning tasks and benchmarks to specific people to monitor the phase in of each phase of the implementation.

The shiny new software is only worth the investment if you have a plan to utilize and get a return of your investment.